If you have access to computer Please register and use the online service to order your repeat prescriptions.

Prescriptions and sick lines can be ordered by telephone using the dedicated number (028) 258 62611, or prescriptions can be ordered by filling out the Prescription Request Form. An answering service is available whereby prescriptions can be ordered at any time and then processed to your chosen pharmacy within two working days. It is vital that you order your medicines well in advance so that they do not run out. Please help us to help you by using this number at all times and by giving the pharmacist enough time to make up your prescription by calling after 3.00pm. We would also appreciate your assistance to reduce the number of misplaced prescriptions by using the same pharmacy at all times.

Prescription requests by email will not be responded to and we are no longer accepting prescription requests at reception via empty medication boxes, or on scrap pieces of paper. It will be your own responsibility to fill in the ‘Prescription Request’ form in order for you to request your medication, and post it in the collection box at reception. All requests will be ready the next working day after 3pm. You can download and print the Prescription Request Form (PDF, 82KB) here. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT PATIENTS ORDER THEIR OWN MEDICATION.

Minor Ailments Service

You don’t need to wait for a prescription or an appointment with the Doctor. Your community Pharmacist can provide treatment directly, free-of-charge, for the following conditions:

Acne Vulgaris

Ear Wax

Mouth Ulcers

Oral Thursh

Vaginal Thrush

Athlete's Foot


Head Lice



Groin Area Infection




Your Pharmacist will refer you to your Doctor as necessary.

Your Doctors thank you for making your community Pharmacy your first point of contact for these common conditions. This will free them up to spend more time focusing on patients with complex medical needs.

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Local Services, Let